Patient Reviews


I had a cracked tooth and was in pain on a Friday night. Called Saturday morning, they got me right in and taken care of! Dr Dan, Teresa, Emily and the rest of the amazing staff that I didn't get names. Thank you so much for taking such great care of me on an emergency!

Adalie T.

The friendliest place I have ever been .the way they make you feel comfortable is amazing .they also work with most insurance I would recommend them to anyone

Roger B.

A great office all around! Very informative and personable staff! Shaun, Dan, Teresa and the rest of the staff are awesome! Very glad my wife and I made the switch to this office!

Jason V.

Dr. Doherty and Dr. Paulus are fantastic. They, with their whole supporting cast, really make every visit comfortable and are very thorough and informative. I let quite a few years lapse without a visit before I found this practice, and I haven’t missed an appointment yet in the years I’ve been with them.

Dan F.

Very nice people working there and the doctors are very personable and empathetic. They even work on Saturdays! You can't ask for much more than that. 😁👍

Dan M.

Great staff! Always fast and friendly! Convenient hours!

Anna R.

In 2014 Dr.Dan Paulus found a spot in my mouth that was so small I would have never thought anything of it because it looked like a small pimple. Dr.Paulus sent me to an oral surgeon and yes it turned out to be cancer. Fortunately he caught it in time I surgery to have it removed 5 years later I'm still here to write this. Thanks to Dr. Paulus for saving my life.

Next time you go to the dentist ask them to check for cancer...


Theresa the hygienist was so kind and informative, I had my first great experience. She talked through everything and really cared if I had any pain whatsoever!

Tracy B.

Great office with personable Doctors & friendly staff!!

Casey L.

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